Do you know buying the best drum anchor winch from China to sell in the world is a booming business?
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The good news.
Tell you all these key right now – explain everything you need to know about anchor winches.

Chapter 1: Expansion marine anchor winches manufacturers

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Blocks & Swiviels
Mooring fittings
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Electric boat Anchor winch Australia

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Drum anchor winch USA

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Expansion marine (EME) winch manufacturer Video

Product name:

Anchor winch

Brand Name:Expansion Marine
Origin:Jiangsu ,China(mainland)
Package:standard exporter package
Delivery time: 50-120days
Payment way: L/C
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Anchor Winch is one of the important ship auxiliary machinery and deck equipment. When a ship needs to be moored at a dock or anchorage, such equipment can be used to fix the ship's position to improve the safety and stability of the mooring. When working at sea, engineering ships often need to be moored.

The operational quality of the Mooring System at a wharf or anchorage for the safety and reliability of the mooring vessel. At the same time, the ship leaves the shore.Anchor winches are also important auxiliaries when landing in port.

Specification of Anchor Winch

Expansion marine manufacture all kinds of anchor winches for tug boats and offshore boats

  • Diesel ,electric,hydraulic
  • Customize design
  • Enclosed gear
  • Tailor made
  • good surface of drum
  • all layers can work
  • anchoring and mooring together in one winch
  • At least five teeth
  • Drive: Hydraulic or electric.
  • Configuration: Single or double cable lifter
  • Chain size: Up to 122mm stud link chain
  • Clutch: Manually operated or Hydraulic operated clutch
  • Brake: Manually operated band brake or Hydraulic operated clutch
  • Control: Local control or Remote control
  • Warping end(head)With or without
  • Stainless steel brake drum(Option)
  • Maintenance Work Vessel
  • Escort Tug
  • Terminal Tug
  • Harbor Tug
  • Anchor Handling Supply Vessel

Chapter 2: How to buy anchor winches from China

Do you want to buy anchor winches from China?
Well, you have two points to choose from -- from factory or from trade company.
Process comparison

From pre-inquiry, by comparing below info, you will see it is fast and efficient.
But you will ask I and the trade company have been long time and we have some others to let theym to buy.
It is ok.
You can trust us also.
Why us?
Our team from workers in workshop to our sales persons, most of them have been in our company for 10 years.
And we could help you buy anything about marine .

Chapter 3:A Complete Guide toanchor winches

3.1 Cageory

3.1.1 By whether it is used to chain or steel wire

You know anchor winches, also called windlass. So according to whether it is gypsy, we can divided chain anchor winches and drum anchor winches.
Because chain anchor winches only could be used as the chain.
Drum anchor winches could be used to chain and steel wire or cable.
Please check below pics

3.1.2 According to prime motive by which, electric or hydraulic or diesel eninge

3.2 Material and parts of anchor winches

Marine equipment is different from Industrial products. You see, there is not only to corrosion the equipment, shipping in the sea, but also to vibrate.

So it is very strict with choosing the material.

You will read our material grades with others As follows:

3.2 Material of anchor winches

3.2.2 Material test facility

3.3 world-brand parts

Expansion marine mainly world-brand parts such as ABB, Rotor, Schneider, REXROTH,

3.4 Test anchor winch in our workshop

General speaking, If customer don't any of marine classifility certification, we will supply our test procedure as follows:
1. None load test
2. work load test of Drum and chain lifter
3. Motor brake test or manual brake test or hydraulic brake test
4.Hold load test of drum
5. Check after test

3.4.1 Our Test insfracture

3.5 anchor winch Control

3.5.1 Introduction of electric control system

The electric control system can control the electric motor of winch to fulfill rotation, reverse rotation, adjustment of speed & braking. It applies AC 440V, 3P, 60Hz power. It uses high quality electric components, such as Schneider LC1-D contactors. The control circuit has the function of loss-power protection, overload protection, and so on. The electric control box is explosion-proof type, and standard is ExdIIBT4, control system is of good & simple appearance.

3.5.2 Components in electric control
  • 1、 Explosion-proof type control box
  • 2、 Explosion-proof type limit switch
  • 2、Explosion-proof type electric motor
3.5.3 Electric control principle of anchor winch

1、This system is reversible & symmetrical. The start, speed adjustment, stop, rotation & reverse rotation are to be controlled from the master control switch. The electric motor has 3 speeds: low, middle & high. Low & middle speed can be started directly. For high speed, the motor should start from middle speed and then transfer to high speed through delayer. The delay time is controller by time delayer which can adjust the delay time during 1-5s.
The motor can adjust the speed automatically from high speed to middle speed instantly under overload. When the load becomes less and you want the motor to run at high speed, the speed handle of master controller should firstly turn from III stage to II stage(middle speed) and then return to III stage(high speed). By this the motor can run at high speed.
Please make sure that the motor run at one drum or one warping end, each of them should run separately, two of them don’t allowed running together, otherwise destroy motor.
The electric parts of winch satisfy explosion-proof condition of ExdIIBT4 regulated.
2、Protection device:
No-voltage protection: When the voltage changes to zero suddenly, it will disconnect the return circuit of control power. This can prevent the motor from running by itself when the voltage is resumed.
Heat protection: There are over current relays(heater relays) which can prevent the motor to run long time at low/mid speed under overload. Start time and action time of over current can set.
High speed overload protection: There is locked-rotor protection in the control system which can change the motor speed from high to middle automatically when it is overload.
Short circuit protection: by fuses
Two directional contactors with interlocking can prevent short circuit.
f)The limit switches SL1-SL2 in winch, have the function of prevent two drums running together, if close the two clutches at the same time, the control system can’t work, and then alarm. When close the clutch of drum, please open relevant brake, otherwise, winch can’t work.
a)By close the power switch QF1 and switch SA1 on control box, light H1 is on, means the power supplied.
When SA is at “0” position, SA1 is connected, and KA1 is also connected and ready for no-voltage protection.
b)When the speed handle is at “I” position of “UP” side, KM1 & KM3 is connected, and the electric motor starts at low speed.
c)When the speed handle is at “II” position of “UP” side, KM5 & KM4 is connected, the motor starts with middle speed.
d)When the speed handle is at “III” position of “UP” side, KM6 is connected and motor runs at high speed. When it is overload, FS2 is connected and KM6 is disconnected; KM4 & KM5 is powered, motor speed changes to middle speed.
e)If the motor starts at “III” position of “UP” side, KM5 is connected firstly, then KM4 is connected. Motor runs at middle speed. Through the 2KT relay, KM6 is connected and motor will change to high speed.
f)When heater relays FS1 and FR2act, need to reset the handle to “0” position, then the motor starts at low speed. If the motor need to run under emergency condition, you can push down the “Emergency Button” and run the motor at low or middle speed.
g)The running of motor can be monitored by the Ammeter of master controller.
h)The “LOW” operation is almost the same with “UP”. The difference is KM2 is connected and motor will run at different direction.
i)The gypsy wheel and drum can’t work together, two limit switches fixed at the side of two clutches. When two clutches leave, the warping end works. When close two clutches, in the control system alarm, the system can’t work, just leave one clutch, the winch works.
j)When one action is finished, turn the speed handle to “0” position. All contactors will be disconnected. YA will brake under zero-voltage. Motor will stop. At the same time, KM1 & KM2 will be connected to heat the motor. When all operation is finished, disconnect SA & QF. The power is off. k)Notice: If control system includes local control box, the main control box has one transfer switch“telecontrol” /“local control”, we need to rotate transfer switch to “local control” position, then we can operate local control box.When need stop main power, we must close main power switch on remote control box. Local control box cannot close main power. Remote control for this control system comes first.
l)When not install local control box(only use remote control box), H1 and H2 of terminals in remote control box should be shorted, otherwise the ammeter cannot work.

3.6 Mounting anchor winch

In order to ensure safe operation of the anchor/winch, the equipment must be mounted on a flat, twist-free and sufficiently reinforced deck and the vertical forces indicated on the installation drawings must be taken into account when designing the base of the anchor/winch and horizontal forces. It is recommended that a gap of approximately 30mm be left between the anchor base and bottom corner for equipment alignment. After machine alignment, insert machined steel gaskets. Contact between the base, the steel spacer and the bottom corner of the anchor must be determined Good.

Preparatory work.

Anchors and winches can be mounted on decks that are tilted no more than 5 Ft in any direction. Anchor and winch bases can be welded directly to the deck, and an anchor winch without a fixed base can be welded directly to the deck with its own frame, but The deck strength must meet the construction drawings and classification societies' requirements for load. The anchor base must be installed in any direction of the horizontal plane to a tolerance of not more than 2.5 mm. In accordance with EN ISO 13920 .Also according to EN ISO 13920, the tolerance of the base distance between winch frames is 1.0mm.

1 Installation of the anchor mooring combination machine

1.1 The anchor must be lifted by means of a lifting device at the extended end of the sprocket shaft to avoid rotation of the sprocket during the lifting process.
1.2 The anchor is placed on a base and supported by adjustment screws. at this point Leave a portion of the gap to prepare for future steel gasket tucking. At this point, start the initial alignment of the anchor machine, adjust the support screws, and measure the level of the anchor machine in each of the four directions with a ruler to ensure that it is within the tolerance range. To be adjusted.After the level, gently tighten the support bolts.
1.3 The anchor frame and sprocket should be aligned taking into account the entry and exit anchor tubes, in this case, consider using a steel wire to ensure that the entry anchor tube head, sprocket roller, anchor sprocket and exit anchor tube are in the same center.line to keep the anchor chain running smoothly in the same straight line.
1.4 The winch, together with the anchor part, is placed on the base, supported by adjustment screws, leaving a certain clearance for the steel gasket/epoxy gasket, the winch must be lifted by means of a lifting device in the gearbox and the outer eye plate of the roll, at which time To prevent dislodgement of the anchor clutch and rotation of the winding, a limit must be placed on the shaft end of the anchor clutch to prevent dislodgement of the clutch and to ensure that the brakes of the winch reel are always in a tight condition.
1.5 After the mooring reel is placed on the base of the adjustment screw support, open the bearing on the pinion shaft of the anchor machine, at this time the adjustment screw and bearing frame spacer should be used to adjust to center the anchor machine and winch. passable The anchor is checked for shaft tile clearance, and the anchor and winch have been determined to be aligned. It is important to note during this process that the gearbox must be used as a reference when adjusting the reel shaft through the bearing frame. Care is taken to avoid torsion and additional load on the bearings.
External forces, these will cause bearing damage or affect bearing life. At the end of this step, check that the reel can be turned by hand and that the clutch can be operated properly. If a failure occurs, the winch needs to be redone Centered.
1.6 Now that the winch is ready, do the final steel gasket or epoxy work. If epoxy resin is used, the epoxy gasket thickness must meet the supplier's recommendations and the epoxy resin must be as hard as required before tightening the bolt degree. The preload of the base bolt must be based on the data in the installation drawings and in accordance with the supplier's standards.
1.7 Adjust the anchor machine pinion shaft by checking the clearance of the anchor machine frame bearing housing. After calibrating the anchor frame and pinion shaft, the pinion shaft must be properly positioned in the bearing. At this point, check the engagement of the anchor machine's main and pinion gears.(c) The situation. In order to check tooth clearance and contact, the coupling must be disengaged. Depending on the manufacturer's requirements, a contact surface of at least 70% is required, and the gear contact should be symmetrical and even (see figure). The backlash must not be more than 0.1 mm on the tooth width. if necessary Adjust again with an adjustment screw. anchor-winch-installation-craft
Since the gear has an upward force in the working state, the bearing centerline must be moved slightly downward relative to the pinion shaft centerline. The anchor frame can be lowered by Xmm with an adjustment screw and the amount of movement can be checked with the appropriate gage. allow The exact X value can be determined from the measured top clearance value in the field. The exact size needs to meet the manufacturer's requirements. (Figure 2) installing-drum-anchor-winch
1.8 The anchor machine is ready to install steel spacers. This is to be bolted down and must conform to the correct strength, dimensions and tightening torque as shown in the drawings. Insert the machined steel gasket, confirm that the steel gasket meets the requirements The contact between the steel gasket and the base is checked by the blue oil test, the contact area should be greater than 80%. Once the steel gasket is plugged, add the thrusters and perfect the welding of the thrusters.
1.9 The fixed base of the anchor machine and the brakes of the coil must be firmly fixed. If necessary, the brake fixing base should be machined and corrected according to site conditions. Before welding the base, check between the anchor sprockets/reels and their brake belts.
The brake belt and brakes must have equal clearance, the belt must be in the middle of the brakes (with equal clearance between left and right) and the brakes must be fully open at this time. Welding must be done according to the drawing requirements. if Angles were fixed between the brake straps and the anchor frame and removed when the welding was complete.

Chapter 4: FAQ in Anchor winch

You may have so many questions buy anchor winches from Chinese Supplilers.
Ok. In this Chapter, I will answer your worried about questions I met and collected.
Let's cut bulkshit and get the straight to that:
You may have so many questions buy anchor winches from Chinese Supplilers.

Question 1: waht is the different of Anchor windlass and anchor winch?

A: From the configure, anchor windlass must be included the gypsy, and anchor winch maybe include the gypsy.
From the purpose, anchor windlass and anchor winch must pull the anchor.
Please see the pics:

Question 2: Can an electric anchor winch release itself?

A: Yes. Expansion marine could supply release automatic of electric anchor winch.
If electric is broken, we have emergency release button.

Question 3: How to install a bow mounted anchor winch?

A: Expansion marine supply two methods to mounted anchor winch:
1) welding the basis of anchor winch to Deck;
2) Using the bolt penetration to the deck

Question 4: How to use a electric anchor winch?

A: Manual
1、Examine all parts and connection and oil before start
Please check the following and be sure that all parts are in order before operation.
1.1 Inspect of all of parts,such as reducers, bearing ETC. are well lubricated or not. And then review the rope direction.
1.2 Check connection such as the bolts
1.3 Check whether is there any obstacle around the capstan.
1.4 Checking the abrasion of brake band(ΔS≤2mm). Making sure there is no oil or grease on the surface of brake band and brake hub. And examining the reliability of brake.
2、 Running of drum, warping end:
2.1 Running of drum
2.2 Now, close the clutch, open the manual brake
2.3 Running of warping end
2.4 Warping end and output shaft connected by key, as long as the power it would have been turning. So, at work, just let the clutch drum and the gypsy wheel in the state can not engage.
Warning: Drum and warping end can not be run simultaneously.
2.5 To realize pull in and pay out cable, through handle in main control box to control rotating direction of motor.

Question 5: How to use a hydraulic anchor winch?

A: Mechanical & Electric parts’ operation
A. Please check the machine as following before operation:
(1) Checking the lubrication of the opening gear, bearings and other parts. Examining the direction of the wire rope(in upper direction to pull in and pay out wire rope).
(2)Checking all the bolts in case of loosing.
(3)Checking whether there is any obstacle around the winch.
(4)Checking whether the clutch in proper position.
(5) Checking the abrasion of brake band(ΔS≤2mm). Making sure there is no oil or grease on the surface of brake band and brake hub. And examining the reliability of brake.
(1) The operation of reels
This winch is upper drum. During operation, turn each clutch to relevant position (Close or not). By moving the hydraulic handle, the drum can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, so the ropes can be pulled in or paid out. The rotation speed is also controlled by the handle.

Question 6: What's the difference of drum anchor winch VS windlass?

A: From name of their name, drum anchor winch has a drum; WIndlass has cable lifter;
From function, they are pulling the anchor;

Question 7: How to build a platform for electric boat anchor winch?

A: We will supply foundation drawing as below:

Question 8: What's the best anchor winch?

A: I think the best anchor winch supplier meet the features as follows:

  • 1. The manufacturer must get ISO2001, BV factory type certification, CCS factory type certification;
  • 2. For 3 years at least
  • 3. BV welding certification
  • 4. More than 2 deisgn engineers
If you want to know which brand is the best anchor winch, please check 10+ time-honored deck machinery in the world.

Question 9: How to wire a boat anchor winch?


  • 1. Fix the control box by the vertical walls or plates, connect all cables and make sure they are connected correctly.
  • 2.Operate the anchor winch as per Part Eight.
  • 3.Make normal maintenance at an interval of half a month and full maintenance at an interval of 3 months.
  • 4. Check if all components are fixed and if there is any components damaged.
  • 5.Check if the earth resistor meets the requirement. Under severe working condition the resistance should be ≥5MΩ.
  • 6.Check if the earth resistor is working correctly.
  • 7. Check if there is any other abnormal on the control system.

Question 10: If the winch should fail while you are hauling in the anchor, what prevents?

A: Emergency button prevents if the winch should fail while you are hauling in the anchor.

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