Emergency Towing Arrangement for the tankers

The ETA are available for the tankers which are 20,000 dwt and above, such as oil tankers, gas carriers and chemical tankers. In order to reducing extent of accident and the risk of pollution to protect the environment, when the tanker is absent of main power or an accident broken out suddenly, the tankers can be towed out of danger promptly through ETA. YT1000 and YT2000 are the typical ETA, have been type approved by BV .

Feature of Our Emergency Towing system

Emergency Towing Arrangements

BV type cert

All components are designed with computer aided system, complying with the criterion of IMO and type approved by BV.
Emergency Towing Arrangements


Reasonable formed complete set and applicable for new and existing tankers
Emergency Towing Arrangements


Strongpoint and fairlead are integral for afterward part of tankers.
Emergency Towing Arrangements

OCIMF and classification societies

Forward part of ETA can be served as SPM (Single Point Mooring), complying with the criterion of OCIMF and classification societies.
Emergency Towing Arrangements

Winding pennant easily.

The damping appliance is designed for storage drum to limit the speed of towing pennant, the force reducer is designed for winding pennant easily.
Emergency Towing Arrangements


Pick up gear box deployed quickly for towing messenger rope throw to the sea.
Emergency Towing Arrangements


The arrangement design, equipment installation and structure reinforcement solution for ETA are served .
Emergency Towing Arrangements


According to the requirement of clients, different components and configurations are custom-made.