5 Ways To Tell That Your Chinese Marine Winch Supplier Is A Real Factory

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5 Ways To Tell That Your Chinese Marine Winch Supplier Is A Real Factory

Purchasing items from a foreign manufacturer can always be a risk. You may not know much about them or not be able to really understand many of the reviews. It’s important to ask a lot of questions when dealing with these kinds of suppliers, so you’re able to get the full picture and be sure that they are a legitimate marine winch manufacturer or capstan factory. But, what are those questions? The answers lie in the paperwork! All you need to do is ask to see it.

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1. Ask to see their ABS Certification

The ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) was enacted in the late 1800s to provide certification to ship captains while also being heavily involved in developing improvements in safety and standards for ships. These are standards used across the globe today and are used to ensure that all materials, components and construction used meets all established safety standards. If your windlass factory has this certification in their possession, you can be sure that they are taking time and pristine care of all of their ships.

2. Ask to see their BV Certification

Buenas Veritas provides certification in all things equipment and material related. These include hull equipment, propulsion engines, automation systems and more. They are able to provide a variety of services as well, such as type approvals, design assessments and manufacturing surveys. Any windlass factory or marine winch manufacturer that holds this kind of certification has shown that they use quality and durable equipment that meets with today’s highest standards. You can be sure that these products will be able to weather any storm that meets their path.

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3. Ask to see their GL Certification

GL (also known by its full name, DNV GL) is a known certifier in all things materials and components. They are known to be a trusted source in this field and also are extremely knowledgeable about the technical side of things. They offer third-party inspection and verification along with being able to certify products according to the best in today’s standards. This includes the verification of all components and materials that relate not only to ships, but to industrial plants as well. You can rest easy knowing that your capstan manufacturer has this certification in their arsenal.

4. Ask to see their LR Certification

Lloyd’s Register is the premier leader in classification services to the marine world along with providing consultancy and compliance services. They are here to ensure that all assets used by a factory are being used to the highest levels of safety and security. This fantastic company offers appraisal and inspection services so that you can be sure that your product meets all industry standards and global regulations. If your factory has this certification, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.

4. Ask to see their RINA Certification

Rina is another great certifier in that they go beyond the scope of just certification. They also provide testing, consulting and inspection services to make sure that all of their products are up to industry standards. In the Marine industry alone, they have classified over 5600 ships and certified over 36000 products. You can be sure that any marine winch manufacturer or windlass factory carrying this certification truly cares about excellence in their field and in the services they offer.


When it comes to being sure that you’re purchasing from a real windlass factory or capstan manufacturer and not a fake, certifications are crucial. They are not only a tool to show the world that they care about standards and safety, it’s also a benefit to the customer to know that their products are being treated with the utmost care. That’s why it’s important to know about all of the right questions to ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see proof that a company is willing to meet requirements set across the globe, it only adds to your personal security and sanity. You can also use this idea when handling all sorts of business dealings, ask for proof that they care about safety and are willing to operate in a safe manner. Knowledge is power and it doesn’t hurt to be educated and in any case a marine winch is so expensive and it is therefore advisable to the company or business you are dealing with.

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