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Principle of Pump lifting hose winch

Pump hose winch is used to take water on offshore platform, paying out the submerged pump under water, from submerged pump to hose, transport seawater to the platform. When working, the pump can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the winch without stopping. The electric pump lifting hose winch is responsible for the paying in and paying out of the submerged pump group and hose, when the pump lifting hose winch is paying in submerged pump and hose, the storage drum is rolling up and storing the hose, when the pump lifting hose winch is paying out hose of submerged pump, the storage drum is releasing hose at the same time.

Other options include:

  • Explosion-proof bearings (Ex);
  • Stainless steel housing;
  • Manual or motor rewind.
  • The benefits of our customized hose reels include:

    • Customized construction according to required Class approval;
    • Suitable for harsh marine environments;
    • Manual or motorized;
    • Available in explosion-proof (Ex) execution.
offshore pump hose winch

Case-Hose winches

2T pump
  • Drum load: 35 kN
  • Holding load : 45 kN
  • Nominal speed : 2 m/min
  • Dia. of pipe 5"(1D 127mm) X 2
  • Capacity of rope : 46 m
  • Drum layers 7 layers
  • Motor power YZ112M-4-H,2.2 kW (380V/50Hz)
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  • 1. Drum load : 25 kN
  • 2. Holding load : 45 kN
  • 3. Nominal speed : 2~3 m/min
  • 4. Dia. of pipe : Ø114 mm X 2
  • 5. Capacity of rope : 35 m
  • 6 Drum layers : 6 layers
  • 7 Motor power : YZ112M-4-H,2.2 kW (380V50Hz)
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