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The windlass is a kind of deck machinery which is used for retracting, laying anchor and anchor chain. It is usually installed on the fore part and the stern part of a ship. Windlasses are usually used in conjunction with winches. The windlass is usually divided into electric windlass, hydraulic windlass, diesel windlass, pneumatic windlass, manual windlass and so on. The windlass is mainly composed of base, support, anchor sprocket, brake, clutch, gear box and control system (except manual windlass) . In addition, electric windlass has electric motor, hydraulic windlass has hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump station, diesel engine driven windlass with diesel engine. Windlass is selected according to the size of the ship and the size of the anchor and anchor chain. According to the diameter of the anchor chain, the windlass can be divided into 12-120mm and other specifications. According to the arrangement number of anchor sprocket can be divided into single anchor sprocket windlass and double anchor sprocket windlass. The main technical indexes of the windlass include the diameter of anchor chain, the nominal speed of Windlass, rated load, support load, several speed changes and electric system, etc. . The installation of the windlass on the ship should ensure that the wrap angle of the anchor chain and sprocket is 117-120 degrees. Expansion Marine design structure exquisite, reliable quality, maintenance-free, low noise, easy operation, long life, so far the company's production of 114 mm hydraulic windlass in China.

General Description

Expansion marine produces many types of cable lifter units and combined anchor mooring winches foundation on 13 years experience, depending on specifications. The compact design of expansion marine anchor mooring winches, combined with an integrated cable lifter makes it easier to pay in and pay out the anchor or mooring a vessel.

Sealing gearbox housing provides maximum operational safety, while an internal oil bath let gear long life and low maintenance costs for windlass winch.

Anchor windlass winch is built as steel weld construction, robust and compact in form and often designed with a generous safety factor for longevity. Gears and shafts are made from high quality cast alloy steel for strength and durability in the extreme environment. Marine Windlass manufactured by expansion marine could be driven by diesel engines or electric or hydraulic.

Break down


  • our range of diameter chain from 11 to 110 mm, line capacity up to 110T
  • Arrangement regarded as deck space and ower's requirement 
  • High torque and high rope speed
  • Speed control by pole-changing
  • AC electric motor or step-less speed by frequency inverter
  • High pressure hydraulic drive
  • Hydraulic or and mannally operated
  • Manually or and Hydraulic operated band brake
  • Hardened steel gears in oil bath
  • Chain can be dropped by loosing band brake
  • Body of anchor windlass covered with marine grade coat
  • Galvanized clovers, greasing systems
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Test Item of electric windlass

  • 1.None load test
  • 2.Work Load test
  • 3.Brake system test
  • 4. Check the voltage, current with working load test and None load test
  • 5. Check the nominal speed
  • 6. Oil pressure with working load test and none load test
  • 7. Temperature of oil
  • 8. Check whether there is leakage